Welcome to the UCC Mental Health Network

The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network works to reduce stigma and promote the inclusion of people with mental illnesses/brain disorders and their families in the life, leadership and work of congregations. We envision a future in which people with mental illnesses feel welcomed, supported, valued and included in their congregations.

Sacred Crossings: Intersectionality and Mental Health

Recent posts to The Journey blog

“Encanto:” A WISE Film for Mental Health By Rev. Dr. Sarah Lund

Recently I watched the animated film “Encanto” with my family. The story centers around young Mirabel as she struggles to find her place in a large family, the Madrigals, where she feels like she doesn’t belong. When it comes to emotional, mental, and spiritual health, telling our stories is a powerful way to recover our […]

Vulnerability by Jennifer Stuart

Somewhere deep within was a “place” beyond all faults and virtues that had to be confirmed before I could run the risk of opening my life up to another. To find ultimate security in an ultimate vulnerability, this is to be loved.  —Howard Thurman For God alone my soul in silence waits; from God comes […]