Welcome to the UCC Mental Health Network

The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network works to reduce stigma and promote the inclusion of people with mental illnesses/brain disorders and their families in the life, leadership and work of congregations. We envision a future in which people with mental illnesses feel welcomed, supported, valued and included in their congregations.

Sacred Crossings: Intersectionality and Mental Health

Recent posts to The Journey blog

A Good Place to Take a Walk by Bob Griggs

I started taking daily walks because my psychiatrist told me to. I was on one of the psych units at a hospital in Minneapolis. At our first meeting, the in-patient psychiatrist assigned to me said, “Bob, you’re burning up with adrenalin. You need some physical activity to burn it off.” It took a while before […]

Vacation Mode by Kirk Moore

I’m on vacation this week in the mountains of Colorado. We’re speldmmg time with family and visiting our 10 month old grandson.  There’s something about being in the presence of the mountains that increases my capacity to breathe in deep and exhale long. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I think it has […]

In the Secret Place of Thunder by the Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe

Many of us turn to the Book of Psalms when we need comfort, hope, or the assurance that others have been where we are. I’ve been reading the Psalms daily, online as part of a brief prayer service since Pentecost. Sometimes the words are very familiar and others seem as if I have never heard […]